The Why, What and How of essential oils

Hi FRIEND, I'm so glad you're interested in learning more about essential oils! When you're just starting your research or journey, it can be a lot to take in! This is a great place to start. Most people turn to essential oils as a way to enhance or start their wellness journey.  Just like in almost any other industry, you're going to find a wide range in quality (or skill) of the product (or service) you're shopping for.  Below you're going to find some great information to click through and start learning the what, how, and why of essential oils!


Although it may seem like essential oils are just now becoming mainstream, their use is not new.  Botanicals have been used in wellness practices as early as 5,000 years ago. Essential oils come from any and every piece of the plant you can imagine! From the flowers to stems, buds, barks, resin, and rind! Almost every piece of the select plants, trees, and fruits will provide the sweet nectar that we can use in so many ways! These natural compounds are essential oils. In other words, the essential oil is the most powerful part of the plant, it&