Essential Rewards

Rewards (ER) is a free program that allows you to earn points on your Young Living purchases. You must be signed up as an Independent Distributor to be eligible for Essential Rewards.

This risk-free loyalty program that gives you access to incredible extras such as: 

1. Earn ER Points to spend like cash.  10–25% back
  • 0-6 Months – 10% of of the PV of each ER order

  • 6-12 Months – 15% of the PV of each ER order

  • 13+ Months – 20% of the PV of each ER order

What does that mean for my savings?

Since you’re already saving 24% on all of your orders by meeting the purchase requirements of being a distributor, by signing up with Essential Rewards, your savings over retail will be instantly deeper. These savings will grow based on how long you are in the program.

  • 34% Total savings the first six months

  • 39% Total savings the next six months

  • 44% Total savings for the remainder of the time you remain in the program

As you can see, the savings and value really add up! They also send free products with your monthly order as extra incentive once you’ve been enrolled for a while.

2. Be rewarded with loyalty gifts each quarter for the first year.
3. Access exclusive income opportunities.

Essential Rewards members who are also members can access exclusive income opportunities. The Rising Star Team Bonus is just one way Essential Rewards members can access additional cash rewards. Learn more about Young Living’s Compensation Plan.

And now it gets even more exciting with SILVER BOUND Silver Bound is a simpler and more achievable program that gives business builders through Executive rank the opportunity to earn cash bonuses for building their businesses with a sustainable stucture.* It also offers big upgrades in terms of simplicity, total payout, and the number of people who can potentially qualify. Enjoy a one-time cash payout when you meet the time, leg, and Organization Group Volume (OGV) requirements at any of the featured ranks.